Monday, August 2, 2010

Looking forward

One of the great joys of motherhood is knowing that all the effort, all the tears, all the messes and the daily grind of life is not pointless. We are raising a small army of warriors for Christ. It is not a physical battle (although some days I think my kids could hold their own in that way as well) but primarily a spiritual battle in which the spirit of the world constantly seeks the weak and the disillusioned as its prey. Strong souls and strong minds will allow the light of Christ to work within them and through them to combat the culture of death with love.

It is so gratifying to have conversations with my older children now that involve faith and morals. I sometimes smile at the prospect of some poor atheist encountering my grown children and being totally caught off-guard by their cheery quick-witted responses. This, more than anything on earth, is what I look forward to...seeing my children in action for Christ.

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  1. Excellent observation! I love reading your reflections and anecdotes on your kids.