Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mercy me!

I just love the Archbold brothers. Their faithfilled reflections delivered with humor and frankness are completely refreshing, and it is a joy to read their take on the news of the day or something of the mundane delivered from a new perspective.

Also, I enjoy the consolation of knowing that our family is not alone. There are people all over the world who think the way we do, have the same values, and appreciate joy in laughter and tears. When you're Catholic, and you actually believe and submit to Christ and His Church, all sorts of kindred souls start to emerge. Communion is a beautiful thing.

Today Pat Archbold wrote a great article about the economics of mercy...and wouldn't you know that I have thought the same thing about the availability of confession. It needs to be abundantly offered.

"Confession needs to be available throughout the day, week in and week out, everywhere it can feasibly be provided so that when the desire hits, people know that mercy is just a quick trip to the Church away. By Saturday afternoon, the feeling may likely have passed."

Confession is Christ's merciful love in action. Many pastors are awesome at offering this sacrament at different times throughout the week, including Saturdays and Sundays before Mass. But sometimes I have heard the comment that nobody comes, therefore the priest will reduce hours in the confessional. This, I think, is an instance in which the laity needs to provide feedback for these misguided notions of cutting back hours of confession availability. If you provide it, we will come. Maybe not instantly, but slowly, like a steady trickle that flows through a crack in the dam before it bursts open.

From a mother's perspective, confession availability might be likened to providing supper every night for the family. Sure, it's disheartening when I take time to prepare something that is healthy, nutritious and delicious...and only half the children eat it. But if I stop offering them healthy food, their bodies are going to malfunction and start limiting their ability to physically perform the tasks they need to work and play. How much more is the spiritual life affected by the spiritual malnutrition that is perpetuated by the lack of the sacrament of confession? This sacrament is vitally important in our culture today that is increasingly growing in adversity to the faith.

Thank you to the wonderful priests who serve us so faithfully day in and day out. Be assured of our prayers for you. We are all being called to heroic sanctity. Our family feels the weight of the world everyday, and I know that the priests are right there in the thick of it. Only lives of ongoing conversion directed toward holiness are going to ease our burdens, offering us the consolation of God's abundant mercy and more workers for the vineyard.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prayer request

The Badger Catholic: Prayer request

Badger Catholic posted this prayer request today, and I am compelled to pass it on. Please pray for the health of this mother and baby. Their family is being heroic in the face of death. It is a complicated pregnancy with a very high risk of losing both mother and baby. What is not understood in our present culture is the noble witness of a mother risking her life to save her child. Pray for their continued strength and courage. Pray for all of us, that when confronted with a situation in which Christ calls us to witness in accepting His cross, we will embrace it lovingly, with the firm conviction of participating in His redemptive suffering.

Beautiful St. Gianna, pray for us!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Barefoot and Pregnant: What a Woman in Crisis Really Needs

This wonderful article witnessing to the hope that exists after an unplanned pregnancy was posted to FB by a friend of mine. I had written about my own experience with a past unexpected blessing earlier this year, and Calah, the author of this same article had left a comment, sharing, "This is beautiful. I, too, kept the baby, and she changed our lives as well. It's amazing, the work that God can do if we just let him." I am so glad that she had the courage to write about her journey in greater detail. She simply blew me away!

Please visit her blog...

Barefoot and Pregnant: What a Woman in Crisis Really Needs

We need to keep sharing our stories about the triumph of life over the culture of death. It is a vital part of winning hearts.Thank you for inspiring us with your story, Calah. I know your witness to the hope that exists in the midst of a less-than-ideal situation will prompt others to take another look at this issue of human dignity. In acknowledging the dignity of mothers to be mothers, we are encouraging them to embrace the dignity of their children.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Wonderful new blog...a must-read conversion story

I quickly have to share a post from a new blogger. It is a beautiful, honest and truly courageous post that deserves to be recognized. We need to continue to pray for conversions. We never know whose heart God is going to open at any given moment.

Refiner's Fire - So what's my story?

Now I gotta get back to work...and please pray for me. I am entering into a crucial week for my studies.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chile...a country that protects human life

Since I was looking for a little good news after the Wisconsin supreme court elections, I am so pleased to have found this. The Chilean govenment not only protects the unborn; it produces entertaining commercials to promote respect for these tiny humans. Way to go, Chile!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A light that shines in the darkness

The Chicago Pro-life Joy Mob has struck again. These pesky youngsters keep thrwarting the pro-abortion protesters' rallies of doom and gloom with smiles, contagious energy and true joy. This video, like the past one, demonstrates the stark contrast of the two groups.

This is the way to win hearts. I would wager that a woman who finds herself facing a difficult pregnancy with an uncertain future couldn't help being comforted with the joy-filled hope of these pro-life young people. Sadly, this clip will not be shown in the mainstream media, so we need to do our best to get this message of hope out. Please pass it on.