Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prayer request

The Badger Catholic: Prayer request

Badger Catholic posted this prayer request today, and I am compelled to pass it on. Please pray for the health of this mother and baby. Their family is being heroic in the face of death. It is a complicated pregnancy with a very high risk of losing both mother and baby. What is not understood in our present culture is the noble witness of a mother risking her life to save her child. Pray for their continued strength and courage. Pray for all of us, that when confronted with a situation in which Christ calls us to witness in accepting His cross, we will embrace it lovingly, with the firm conviction of participating in His redemptive suffering.

Beautiful St. Gianna, pray for us!


  1. Beth, I am praying for both mother and baby.

  2. Need prayer help/request for getting a good job with good income as I am without job since more than a year. Having responsibilities, dependents and huge bills to pay. Through this job may god strengthen my arm to work for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and support my family.

    Thanks Team,
    Suraj Abraham.