Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote for life on this All Souls' Day

On this feast of All Souls Day, we ought to remember the population in purgatory who are being purified to enter into the Beatific Vision. We also ought to remind ourselves about the beauty of sacrificial love. The souls who are intensely suffering in purgatory need our prayers and our sacrifices. God is glorified when we love so much that our desire is to take upon ourselves the sufferings of others in order to lessen their burdens. Empathy is this great love and it is magnified through sacrifice, Christ’s and ours in union with His. We ought to live not for ourselves, but for the glory of God and for love of His creation.

It is a very important thing to contemplate as we head out to the polls today. We have a duty not only to vote protect the many innocent lives that are being thrown away by the devastating legalized practice of abortion, but also to offer sacrifice and prayer to ease the horrific suffering of everyone involved in the abortion industry. Many souls are at stake in this battle between life and death. Voting to protect life is just the minimum. Vote for life today, and continue to pray and sacrifice. Many souls are being lost at the expense of this unjust license to kill.

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  1. I agree with your comments, cc, but I find myself troubled by friends who commit to vote for life but then want to spend much time discussing the many other "important social issues." It seems they reluctantly go along with the Church's teaching, as if it is "theirs, but not mine".

    Rather than this being their half-hearted commitment, "I voted; I checked THAT box," I wish they would take this teaching of the heart of God into their hearts. If they are really concerned with their neighbor, I wish they would practice subsidiarity, not wanting to talk about what Washington could/should do, but rather what THEY should/are doing. They seem to "talk the talk", cheer-leading the work of others, writing checks, and perhaps even voting, but not doing the hard work of really loving their neighbor --- and showing it.