Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cardinal Burke visits a little school

I thought I would return with a bang today. For all of you fans of the good Cardinal, I thought I would share with you a special visit we had with a distinguished guest today.

My children attend Providence Academy, a small school in La Crosse, WI with approximately 115 students. Students range in age from pre-K all the way up through high school. Their curriculum is firmly grounded in the classical model, requiring both Latin and Greek languages throughout the grades, building upon the traditions of history, philosophy, science and the arts in observing the truth about God's creation, and serving to support the gift of the Catholic faith.

Cardinal Burke has been a long-time supporter of the mission of our tiny school, and today he made an extraordinary effort to visit us in the midst of his busy schedule. He spoke about the importance of preserving this method of education that originated in the Catholic Church, and congratulated the efforts of those who continue to support this endeavor through much prayer and sacrifice.

My feeling after a day like this is profound gratitude. We are so blessed to have our children enlightened to the truths of reality which are ordered through the love of God. We are so blessed to know such a holy and humble servant of Christ, and we are completely, unfathomably blessed to be called to everlasting life through the sacrifice of our Lord. I am in complete awe of what mighty works God is accomplishing in us and through us each day. It makes me think about Mary in her beautiful words that are so appropriate for this season of Advent. "My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God my Savior for He has looked with favor on His lowly servant." I thank God for the gift of Himself, that He gratuitously condescends to meet us where we are and transforms us so that we might glorify His name!


  1. I'm curious, do you know if the Cardinal visited Aquinas HS? Not saying it would be an intentional snub, but just curious.

  2. We invited him. He was able to squeeze it in. I think that's all there was to it.

  3. Sounds like a great school, and what a wonderful blessing to have such a holy visitor!

    I love the red background and the new header!

  4. What a great blessing! I see you are studying theology. Do you perchance teach at the school, or do you plan to?
    When I visit my folks house near Appleton I always find the masses there are Catholic lite, and I wonder how well the schools are teaching the children. I know of Burke though, a very good Cardinal to have around.

  5. Thanks, Anne. My daughter had her tonsils out and then came Thanksgiving and next weekend I have my last classes of the semester. December is always busy, but it's good to get back to writing.

    Do Not Be Anxious...I currently sub for the school because we have a three-year-old still at home. My husband is the upper-school dean and teaches music and a variety of religion courses there.