Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little boy on a mission from God

I found this story on one of my favorite blogs, American Papist, today. It is a story about a boy born without significant parts of his brain, and he continues to baffle doctors by what he is able to do.

Notice that the doctor admits when he sees a little boy who can defy so many expectations, it makes him realize that the medical community doesn't begin to know the smallest portion of what they thought they knew about the human brain. I smiled when I heard him say that. It made me think about the Intelligent Designer who allows us to take part in His creation, and rejoices when we humbly achieve knowledge for the sake of His love, which is all encompassing. This little boy was sent to this earth to teach all of us about this Divine love, about the hope in circumstances beyond our understanding, and about the certainty of faith in God's will.

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