Wednesday, July 14, 2010

St. Gianna Beretta Molla

"Gianna Beretta Molla made a heroic choice, but it was something her family members and friends testified she prepared for every day of her life. Her heroic virtue, genuine holiness of life, selflessness, and quiet joy remind all of us that God entrusts us with a personal vocation. Each and every day presents us with choices that have the power to prepare us to take heroic action whenever it will be called for. We can do that, however, only if we surrender ourselves and what we desire to God and His will for us."(Excerpted from the Society of St. Gianna website)

Such great love mothers have for their children. It is a great privilege to be a mother. The power of a mother's love overwhelms us at times. There is no earthly thing like it. From the moment we hold our tiny child in our arms, we know that child is more important than any suffering we could ever endure. It is the love of Christ that we get to experience at that moment. St. Gianna lived this moment each day of her life. Through her witness, Christ's love continues to inspire us. St. Gianna, pray for us!

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