Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teachers and witnesses of faith

Among the many gifts that God has given us, great teachers are right at the top. St. Dominic, who founded his order in the thirteenth century, sought to defend the Church against heresy, ignorance and immorality through intense study and the embrace of poverty. Faith and reason are the bedrocks of our Catholic faith. Reason supports faith and faith gives light to reason. Thankfully, this lesson was introduced to me before I ventured into college. My parents prepared me to be receptive to holy teachers and holy teachers, fortunately, were a part of my high school faculty. This wonderful group of religious sisters, the IHM Sisters of Wichita, Kansas, has an interesting history – one that involved a choice – to follow the cultural tide of experimentation, or to hold to Church teaching with a firm conviction of faith. Their choice to be faithful to Holy Mother Church was the choice that also brought them to be my teachers.

Faithfulness brings God’s people together. I thank God every day for the gift of faith He continues to shower upon each one of us, and I pray that when God’s call to be faithful is presented to us that we will have the courage and the conviction to respond joyfully as Mary did, “Fiat!” Thy will be done.

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