Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Archbishop Burke named one of the new Cardinals

Congratulations, our beloved Archbishop, soon-to-be Cardinal Burke! Our hearts are rejoicing because of the marvelous work He has accomplished in you. We have benefitted by Christ’s light shining through your holy examples of joy, humility, courage, faith and love. You are a great hope for us and the future of the Church. Certainly, as you often request, we are keeping you in our prayers. Deo gratias!

I would love to write more on this happy occasion, but since I am getting ready for another weekend of classes, please visit my friend Badger Catholic for more insight and some great quotes. Click here for the full statement by Cardinal-designate Burke.


  1. I've had to restrain myself(for now) of talking about His Excellency's "papability"... I get choked up just daydreaming about it...

  2. Wouldn't that be super-cool?! My fourteen-year-old thinks that it is inevitable. We'll see what God has in store.