Thursday, May 19, 2011

Excuses, excuses

I've got some ideas floating around in my head for future posts, but I haven't had more than 15 minutes to sit down and think about them.

Well, that's not completely true, but I have been incredibly busy during the day and into the evening. The first week of May we celebrated a Confirmation, a First Communion and Mother's Day. We've participated in two May crownings...Yay, Mary!...and I've finished up my second year of classes.

After returning from my classes on Sunday night, I slid right into a crazy week of school activities, work and babysitting children for a friend of mine who just gave birth to my new Godson. He's so yummy!

I am going to be Godmother to this gorgeous new little boy!
 With so many wonderful things happening this month, it's no wonder that my writing has taken a back seat, but I have to admit that I could have squeezed in some more posts here and there, but enjoying a few DVDs after the kids are in bed has been my guilty pleasure for the past few nights. That down time has been like taking a drink of water after being thirsty for weeks.

So here's looking forward to the summer...looser schedules, no homework hanging over my head, and a stack of books that's been waiting for me to devour. I might still be able to find excuses not to keep up with my blogging, but they probably won't be as noble.


  1. Let's look at things a little objectively here, cc. Why are you posting here? If it is to entertain us, please stop! If it is to gain fame of some sorts, please stop! If it is to show us some good things in your life, so that you might recall it at some future time or that we might perhaps benefit from it for our life --- (that's called loving your neighbor) --- then it is for a good reason.

    But there are other good reasons for your time, and as I have written in the past, one thing that has become very clear to me over my years is that the most important thing we do in our lives is to care for other lives, and the children we are blessed with is of the highest priority. If our available time is squeezed, they should get it as the first priority. That is the whole grace and importance of motherhood.

  2. Do Not Be Anxious,

    Your comment made me realize that my post may have been misunderstood. I view this blog as an apostolate of sorts, and when properly placed into the order of my life's obligations, my hope is that it gives glory to God.

    The point was that some excuses for not writing are good and noble, reflecting the order of one's life, whereas other excuses may reflect a tendency to self-indulge. It was my attempt at a humorous connection to the balance we all struggle with.

    I hope that nobody thinks I am doing this for the wrong reasons. I just love to write, and I think it's one of the gifts that God has given me to serve Him.

  3. Beth-I loved this and thank you for writing it! Tom is a great consoler and I know that he's glad you write as well! For me, if I didn't sit down and get my thoughts out at the keyboard once in while I'd just burst with them bottled up inside. Writing is healthy.

    You are right in saying that your new Godson is yummy! I agree! Those cheeks look delicious! Enjoy your summer days with time spent doing enjoyable things!

  4. Sheesh, Anxious you sound like you were offended by May crownings and babies. Vino will help. Thanks for sharing credo, I enjoyed it!