Friday, May 6, 2011

"See what love the Father has given us...

...that we should be called the children of God; and so we are."

On Wednesday night, this scripture passage,1 John 3:1, kept popping into my head as I witnessed my oldest daughter receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation. She is God's gift to me, a call to live my life not for myself but for Christ, and I am humbled by the blessings she continues to deliver. I don't deserve a daughter so lovely, so kind, so beautiful and patient, so full of faith and conviction. Yet God's merciful love is lavish...incomprehensible, and dare I say CRAZY?! (Pope Benedict did.)

My daughter, whose confirmation name is Therese, on the left, next to our pastor

My prayer tonight is for all of the newly confirmed young people. In the words of Bishop Callahan, they are the future of the Church. It gives me great hope to see a cathedral filled with young Catholics and their families all renewing their faith in Christ and allowing the Father to shower His gifts upon all of His beloved children.


  1. Beth, your daughter is beautiful and she is tremendously blessed with her parents and with having been confirmed by Bishop Callahan. I miss him so much! You're right. God's love is lavish!

    Congratulations to your daughter and to your whole family!

  2. I was doing a search for the verse of the scripture you quoted and found it on your site. I don't think it's irony that it was in my mind after leading a Confirmation retreat yesterday and your blog post celebrates Confirmation. Praying continued blessings for those that were Confirmed!