Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's ALWAYS about LIFE

I live in Wisconsin, where, since last spring, we have been engaged in a bitter war over...well, let's face it...it's about money and power. I repeat. The war is over money and power, and for the last few months, I've watched as normally sane people have engaged in animal-like behavior at the thought of having less money and power. Some actually seem possessed, maybe not in a literal demonic way, but they have become possessed by possessions. I think that the attachment to possessions can become so powerful sometimes that it makes us crazy. We lose the ability to think clearly or reason, and eventually we are able to communicate only in vulgar words of rage. Attachment to anything but God achieves this goal that delights the enemy. It is the ultimate distraction from goodness.

So forgive me for being bold, but I must say that in knowing how God is completely devoted his precious creation of human life, I would have to reason that voting for a candidate who favors giving more money and power to people over the protection of sacred human life is completely abominable.

Some would say that our recall elections are about the rights of the workers. I would say, what better way to be distracted from what really matters? Is life sacred or not? As Blessed Mother Teresa said, "It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish." For those of us who live in a region that has been bullied into a recall election, we have to consider the grave responsibility of our votes. Most, if not all, of the pro-union candidates have horrific records when it comes to voting for the protection of unborn life. Don't be fooled by side issues. It's always about life.

I'm voting for LIFE on August 9 where I live.


  1. I agree, CC, that life is the number one thing. However in these political debates I also see another thing: the argument that no government costs can be cut because the poor will suffer, or taxes must be raised on the rich and given to the poorer. These arguments are given by even many Catholic theologians. They are wrong.

    There is an excellent article in the Aug/Sep issue of Catholic World Report magazine, titled: Only Part of the Story. It notes that the essence of Catholic social teaching is in the 1937 encyclical, Divini Redemptoris, where it states: "It is the very essence of social justice to demand from EACH INDIVIDUAL all that is necessary for the common good." Therefore, if your neighbor needs help, it does not start with any government obligation, it starts with you. The catechism calls it the principal of subsidiarity. It needs to be taught and promoted much more in our culture, and in our Church. (I think Jesus even mentioned it, when He said something about "loving your neighbor.")