Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A letter of anger and hurt

Be forewarned: The following letter is an exercise at coming to terms with my own anger. It is not intended to offend anyone, so please read with caution.


Dear Sheepdog,

I am angry. I guess I feel fooled and hurt...and sad for those whose faith was damaged by an arrogant opportunist. It’s one thing to fail. It’s quite another to unabashedly persist in defying the moral code you continue to preach, and to repeatedly attempt to cover up your sins with the money you have earned by these good people who trusted you, because of your mask of fidelity.

Now the truth comes out.

First a trickle of disobedient rhetoric, a slight clue that should have revealed your dark intentions especially when juxtaposed against the light of our Lord, who died for us, and all those who were doing their best to keep your corruption from hurting us.

As more stones fell from your fortress of lies, you continually held that you were unjustly persecuted, even to the point of disgustingly likening yourself to Christ Himself during His passion.

And then today, the final crack in the dam broke, revealing you to be who you are, a snake-oil salesman who just happened to be selling the real thing.

Though my anger at your hypocrisy still remains, I do not wish the wrath of judgment upon you. I pray that you spend the rest of your life repenting in solitude, speaking no word to anyone but God. And I know that God will be merciful to you, if you only ask.

Your once inspired listener,


I realize that maybe it's too much to ask for charitable comments after calling you-know-who a snake-oil salesman, but I still welcome your thoughts about my anger.

I am praying for holiness. We all could use some more.


  1. Beth, you just voiced what a lot are thinking. Still, we have to wait and pray. There's so much more to come, I'm sure.

  2. Thanks for being gentle, "My Journey...". LOVE your profile pic! Photography is something I enjoy as well, though I am far from being a professional. God bless!

  3. I think if you could download Al Kresta's yesterday show from Ave Maria Radio you would get a good dose of facts and perspective --- Al's show has been following the story, and is syndicated throughout EWTN Radio.

    The only comment I'd have on your post, CC, is not disappointment in Fr. Corapi's actions, nor in your anger at them, but rather in the "sides" taken by so many in this story. Whether siding with the Church or Fr. Corapi, many chose to speak out when they knew, they KNEW, they didn't know the entire story. So they chose a "side" based on prior experiences, and general assumptions. Certainly the Church (and men in it) have erred in the past, but so many just "assumed" it was wrong here. I'm saddened that so many chose to burn down the place we call "home".

  4. Thank you for your thoughts, DNBA. Yes, I completely agree that the saddest part of this whole thing is the distrust that continues to fester.

    On the flip side, though, it is an opportunity for all of us to become purified in our understanding about Christ's beautiful Church and trust in Her prudence and wisdom. Christ is the the Head, and She is constantly protected by the power of the Holy Spirit. We all need to remember that.

  5. The juxtaposition of this post immediately after the post on Fr. Scheckel is too telling. There are those who faithfully do the work that has been assigned them by their bishop / superior, then there are those who style themselves as being "on a mission from God". I'll take obedience and humility in service every time.