Friday, September 17, 2010

Credo Catholics vote pro-life

Here in Wisconsin, an interesting race is shaping up between two Catholic politicians, or rather, two politicians who claim the Catholic name. Julie Lassa, whose name many in the Diocese of La Crosse may recall from her whiney leak to the press about Bishop Burke’s attempt to dialogue with her about her personal inconsistency of being Catholic and holding a “pro-choice” position on abortion, is running against Sean Duffy, pro-life Catholic father of six children, in the Seventh Congressional District. (Duffy also happens to be endorsed by my good friend and fellow blogger, Badger Catholic.)

From this little bit of information that I have provided, Credo Catholics should be able to make the choice rather easily. Abortion is not an issue. It is a fundamental right to be born after conception. There are no complicating factors such as poverty or rape or incest. Those are all peripherals...smoke in mirrors meant to distract from what the plain truth entails...are we pro-death or pro-life? It is truly that simple. Notice that I have not even mentioned the political parties of the candidates above. It just does not matter.

This is one of the reasons that I am rather frustrated by old-school party affiliations. Up here in Wisconsin, many Catholics (I call them crustycatholics) still vote with the political party that was associated with the only Catholic President ever to hold office, regardless of what views they hold. John F. Kennedy was president in the 1960s. It’s the year 2010. Times have changed. Crustycatholics don’t respond to change. Credo Catholics do. Credo Catholics vote according to their properly formed consciences and would never view the right to life as “one issue among many.”

With the 1973 decision of Roe v. Wade, American politics have seemed to absorb this fundamental human right into the list of issues of that we debate about...taxes, healthcare, wages, abortion. Don’t make this mistake in thinking it is just another issue. The right to life transcends all other matters.

So this November, vote as if your soul depended upon it...because it does!

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