Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nature in revolt

One of my younger friends on Facebook just posted this article from the National Catholic Register. It is an eye-opening piece about how the chemicals and synthetic hormones in birth control pills are mutating fish. The article focuses on the hypocrisy of environmentalists to ignore such a prevalent and well-documented problem. Scientific findings have been available since 2005.

What confounds me even more than the inconsistency of the environmentalists is the failure of the average woman to make the connection between mutations in fish and mutations, say, in breast tissue. Some of these women, mind you, shun artificial sweetners, drink bottled water, go gluten free, eat organic fruits and vegetables, buy cage-free, grain-fed, hormone-free meat, and take their birth control pills religiously. When I see women coming together dressed in pink, raising money for the fight against breast cancer, I wonder how many of those same women would be so adamant in their protest against the harmful chemicals that continue to be pushed onto us by the mainstream medical establishment.

The ripple effects of contraception and its moral and social evils are so widespread. We should not be suprised that the physical mutations are showing up in our natural habitats. Nature has a way of being able to only take so much. When people speak about nature, there is often a disconnect with the Creator of nature. God is the author of all life, so when it becomes apparent that nature is becoming disfigured by harmful chemicals that are intended for the prevention and the destruction of His gift of life, we have to realize that God is allowing nature to revolt against the sin that has imposed itself. The fish are yet another warning, a wake-up call, a physical manifestation of the mutated contraceptive culture.


  1. Ignoring inconvenient studies is nothing new. The Cancer Society and the Race For the Cure ignore a number of studies linking abortion with a 40% increased risk of breast cancer --- they say they want to cure/eliminate breast cancer, and fail to mention one of the largest probable causes of breast cancer. (not to mention Planned Parenthood links are on their websites).

    This week Ave Maria Catholic radio is way behind on it's pledge drive, and it and hundreds of its syndicated shows may go off the air nationwide. Sometimes it seems no one wants to hear the truth -- or support it.

  2. I do truly wish this information was given wider exposure. Unfortunately the liberal press isn't into saving nature when it means NOT killing babies to make room for those cute little five legged frogs!